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The History of Wisconsin Football

wisconsin football

The History of Wisconsin Football

The Wisconsin Badgers men’s soccer team represents the university of Wisconsin in the game of college football. Wisconsin is a member of the heartland conference and competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision of this prestigious national association. This makes Wisconsin the only true state school football program to be invited to participate in these prestigious tournaments. As a result of this it is perhaps the most well-known as well as respected college team in all of college athletics. Even the Badgers have their own song, which is called, “You’re As Good As The News” which is a tribute to this team and this legendary coach Vince Lombardi.

So how did this team get its start? When football was first introduced to the public, it was viewed by many as an incredibly dangerous sport. Initially there were rules that stated that the ball had to be touched by the player before it could be put into play. This made the game incredibly difficult and exciting. Eventually those rules were relaxed, allowing a greater emphasis on hitting with the ball.

When the football moved into college football, the officiating rules were even more strict. Thus, the game took on a totally new meaning. Before long, fans of this exciting sport were watching for any touch of foul behavior from the referee. As time went on, a new set of officials was put in place; this time requiring players to wear helmets and pads.

It was not long before the Badger football team began to excel on the gridiron. They have steadily climbed the ranks and today they are considered some of the best. Their dominance at the college level is something that can be witnessed throughout the country. They currently hold the number one ranking in the Bowl Championship Series. The recent team victory over eventual champion Florida State University was viewed by many as a coming of age for this team and a validation of their dominance in college football.

Wisconsin football traditions run deep. When it comes to longevity, perhaps no school has had longer a tradition than the Badgers. The team’s presence on the field is a testament to their success. However, there are many other things they do that is just entertaining and fun. In fact, the students themselves love so much about being part of this program that they actually get involved in some of their traditions. They dress the part and wear the stickers, making it easy for others to identify them as Wisconsin Badgers.

There is no doubt that Wisconsin football is much more than a game to be played for fun. This is evident by the number of teams that choose to play at Madison Square Garden each year. Every fan of the Badgers knows their team inside and out. The history and the tradition are what make this an amazing experience for many.

Of course, the outcome of each game is not the only reason why a visitor will want to come to the Badger stadium. When you go there, you also get to watch history being made. No matter which game you are in, you can count on being treated to some entertaining highlights. From the thrilling finishes to the crazy plays, it seems that every play sparks a moment of excitement. No matter what season or game you are attending, there will be plenty of drama to keep you watching.

With all of these things going for them, the Wisconsin football has a lot to offer. Fans have a chance to see the glory of the past, present and future. These include some of the great legends that have walked through the halls of Wisconsin Stadium. No matter if you are a student or a member of a family, there is a great deal that makes this event worth coming to.