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Insert advertisments between forum list in phpBB?

The following code is used to insert one AD code into your phpBB view forum list.

Open viewforum.php in the main phpBB directory,


// Start initial var setup

Right below it, add

$myadtext = <<<EOM
< tr><td colspan=6 align=center>
Your ads script goes here
< /td>
< /tr> EOM;


for($i = 0; $i < $total_topics; $i++)

Right below it, add:

if ($i==0) {
$adrow = $myadtext;
} else {
$adrow = "";


$template->assign_block_vars('topicrow', array(
'ROW_COLOR' => $row_color,

Right below it add:

'AD_ROW' => $adrow,

save viewforum.php.


Modify viewforum_body.tpl

viewforum_body.tpl locates at templates/subSilver/. Open this file


<!-- END topicrow -->

Right above it, add


save viewforum_body.tpl.

OK. Coffee time.





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