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PHP Calendar Examples
PHP Web Calendar A configurable comprehensive php web calendar.
  • Multi-user support
  • Group support
  • View day-at-glance
  • View month-at-glance
  • View week-at-glance
  • View year-at-glance
  • 30 languages supported
  • much more...
Configurable PHP Calendar A configurable calendar: set different color, set different languages, set links to date,year or month navigation, set different start day or month...
PHP calendar How to create calendar in PHP. It is navigatable(works for PHP 4 and PHP 5,didn't test on PHP 3).
PHP Image Processing
PHP grahic software A list of PHP graphic software, including brief introduction, download, chart gallery and rating information.
Create antispam image (verification image) This tutorial will demonstrate how to create Anti-Spam images. This is an image contains (some random) text which is very, very hard for any OCR program to decipher but easy for a human to read. This is used to prevent automatic signup to mailing lists and various on-line services.
PHP create real-time dynamic chart PHPlot a graphics library which create real-time or dynamic charts and graphs(like online stocks, web traffic statistics) from live data sets. It supports line chart, bar chart, pie chart..etc.
Add water mark to image Add water mark to a existed image on the lower right corner.
Create image from text on fly How to create image from user input text and show it on the same input page.
Create thumbnail for image How to create thumbnail for an image.Result thumbnail is output to browser.
Add text on Image How to add text on images.
PHP Image processing introduction Introduction of PHP image processing, GD library installation, how to check GD library enabled or not...etc.
PHP code example
PHP create dynamic PDF with FPDF How to create dynamic PDF with FPDF. FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP, that is to say without using the PDFlib library. FPDF requires no extension (except zlib to activate compression) and works with PHP4 and PHP5.
PHP create dynamic PDF with PDFLib How to create dynamic PDF with PDFlib,testing PDFLib installation, create PDF file from client input text...
PHP create dynamic PDF with ClibPDF

How to create dynamic PDF with ClibPDF, selecting fonts,drawing shapes, drawing texts,rotating,set color,....

Improved PHP configurable hit counter How to install, config a PHP counter. It provides pre-packaged 14 counter styles. It also allows adding own counter styles. Session variable control is added to prevent false counting.
PhpMyAdmin export/import data How to use PhpMyAdmin export/import data in just few clicks.
Check reciprocal link Check reciprocal links. If reciprocal link doesn't keep your URL, you delete it from your database.
Check visitor's IP address check visitors IP address.(nosy, huh?)
Send bulk emails in PHP How to send bulk emails using PHP. All email list is in BCC field. A fast and convenient way to send mass emails in PHP.
Send HTML mail in PHP How to send an HTML email(or plain text email) to client.
Polling/Rating System in PHP(radio button) This is an example for polling/rating system using radio buttons. It won't prompt user like the lesson Polling/Rating System in PHP(pull down list).
Polling/Rating System in PHP(pull down list) Create polling/rating system by using PHP and mysql. Save, retrieve polling result and assign corresponding polling icon to rated items. It could be used for any thing, software, photo, news, poll opinions. There is no limitation for rated items.
A simple PHP RSS feed reader A configurable PHP RSS feed reader, add dynamic content to any .php web page.
PHP include (SSI) How to use PHP server side include to save your coding time
Working with Forms How to deal with forms in PHP
PHP formmail Generator A tool to create ready-to-use web forms in a flash. Once the form has been generated, you have a full functional web form. Including error checking of required fields, email address validation, credit card number & expiry date checking, multiple attachments sending, and email auto responding.
Using phpMyAdmin Create Database How to create database, table by using PHPMyAdmin
Insert Form Data into Database How to insert FORM data into MySQL database, using both POST and GET methods
Retrieve data from Database How to get database from MYSQL database
Retrieve multiple records How to retrieve multiple records from database and display in a table
Batch insert text using phpMyAdmin How to batch insert text file into MySQL database by using PHPMyAdmin
using phpMyAdmin insert binary file How to insert binary file (such as image, PDF, exe...) into MySQL database by using PHPMyAdmin
Insert binary file using PHP code How to load binary file into MySQL in PHP code
Using form insert binary file into MySQL How to use FORM to load binary file to MySQL
Retrieve binary file from MySQL How to retrieve binary file to MySQL
image hosting business in minutes How to do image hosting business in PHP
Install PHP on Windows XP (part1) Install PHP on windows XP part1
Install PHP on Windows XP (part2) Install PHP on windows XP part1
Install phpMyAdmin,MySql, PHP Install and configure PHP,MySQL and PHPMyAdmin on Windows XP
PHP language reference
What is PHP? Introduction of PHP
PHP open and closing tags How embed PHP in HTML, show different open/closing tags
PHP types PHP eight primitive types. such as string,integer,array..etc
Variables How to define variables in PHP
Constants how to define and use constants in PHP
Operators(part1) arithmetic operators,Bitwise Operators, Comparison Operators, Operator Associativity
Operators(part2) Error Control Operators, Execution operator , Increment/decrement Operators,Logical Operators, String Operators, Array Operators, Type Operators
Logic Structures if,elseif,else,switch,return,declare
Include files include(),require() functions
Loops while,foreach,for,do while,break,continue
Set cookie and delete cookie set cookie, retrieve cookie , delete cookie
Most often used MySQL functions most often used MySQL functions.


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