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JavaScript Flashing Text in different Color

javascript, javascript detect chinese input formSee the following javascript Flashing Text in different Color demo. Click on the button

javascript, javascript detect chinese input formHow to do it?

javascript Flashing Text in different Color uses the following code to dynamically change the text color in <div> tag.

<Script language="JavaScript">

var someText = "Welcome to "; // the text
var aChar;
var aSentence;
var i=0; // a counter

var colors = new Array("FF0000","FFFF66","FF3399","00FFFF","FF9900","00FF00"); // the colors
var aColor; // the chosen color

function loadText()
// randomly choose color
aColor = colors[Math.floor(Math.random()*colors.length)];

aChar = someText.charAt(i);
if (i == 0)
aSentence = aChar;
aSentence += aChar;

// 50 iterations max.
if (i < 50) i++;

// For IE
if (document.all)
textDiv.innerHTML= "<font color='#"+aColor+"' face='Tahoma' size='5'><i>"+aSentence+"</i></font>";

// For Netscape Navigator 4
else if (document.layers)
document.textDiv.document.write("<font color='#"+aColor+"' face='Tahoma' size='5'><i>"+aSentence+"</i></font>");

// For other
else if (document.getElementById)
document.getElementById("textDiv").innerHTML = "<font color='#"+aColor+"' face='Tahoma'size='5'><i>"+aSentence+"</i></font>";


Add <div name=textDiv><div> to you web page.





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