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Best books about Javasript

javascript example codeThis JAVASCRIPT code can be used to detect most of the important browser plugins. They include:

- Flash
- Windows Media Player
- Java
- Shockwave
- RealPlayer
- QuickTime
- Acrobat Reader
- SVG Viewer

Working well in both IE and NS.

Save the following code as plugin.js

You may use the plugin.js as the following to where you need it. Following is an example usage of how to detect Flash installation.

<script language="javascript" src="plugins.js">

//SAMPLE USAGE- detect "Flash"
if (pluginlist.indexOf("Flash") ==-1)
document.write("You don't have flash installed. Please Go to to download");







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JavaScript Bible, Fifth Edition (Paperback) JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook (Paperback) JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (Paperback) Beginning JavaScript Second Edition (Paperback) JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Second Edition (Paperback)


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