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javascript, javascript detect chinese input formSometines when we write Javascript, we need color in #RRGGBB format. But we can not gurantee color input is in #RRGGBB format. For example, Red, rgb(255,0,0), #333 etc are all legal color format. Some color value input like 333333 without #. Or, any string value could be input as color. How could we convert these colors to #RRGGBB format?

javascript, javascript detect chinese input formHow to do it?

You need the following Javascript to convert color to #RRGGBB format

function parseColor(vValue) {
  var oColorParser = document.createElement("body");
  oColorParser.bgColor = vValue;
  return oColorParser.bgColor;

Of course, we can not expect the above function coould do every convert correctly. Only the kind of color like Red and 333333 could be converted into #RRGGBB correctly, for the other input, different browser could give different results.




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