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OK. You have learned a lot in previous lessons. By using what you learned so far, you could ask me to do a lot of things

Let us play a little bit. Let us pretend that you are a doctor. Your dog catch a cold. He got fever, red eye, running nose and sneezing a lot! You gave a prescription and ask me to calculate how much money the medcines will cost.

The prescription is:

5 yellow pills for fever

4 blue pills for allergy symptoms (sneezing, running nose)

I called pharmacy and find out that yellow pill cost 0.83 per pill and blue pill is 1.95 per pill. So I type the following code to calculate the cost:
class medicine
public static void main(String[] args)
int NoOfYellowPills=5;
int NoOfBluePills=4;
double priceOfYellowPill=0.83;
double priceOfBluePill=1.95;
double totalCost=NoOfYellowPills*priceOfYellowPill

System.out.println("Total medicine cost="+totalCost);

Save it as Then I compile the code: javac

Then I run the code: java medicine

Now i get the result: Total medicine cost=11.95

In the above code, you may see that a statement may write into serveral lines(highlighted in red).

OK, doctor, I finish my job.


Suppose you will have a birthday party next Saturday. You got $234 dollars from your grandparentsa. You plan to invite friends to see "Star War (3)".. Every one needs a ticket ($5), a drink ($1.1) and popcorn($2.3). How many friends you could invite at most (Don't forget yourself)?
Please print out something like "Maximum number of friends="...

(Solution is here).


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