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 First cup of JAVA

There are 3 steps to speak JAVA:

1. Type code

2. Compile code

3. Run code.

First step: type the following code to Wordpad or any text editor you are familiar with. (cann't find your WordPad? go to Start ->All programs->Accessories? Got it? Still not, ask your mom/ Daddy help you)

class hello 
   public static void main(String[] args)
   System.out.println("Hello! It is me, JAVA boy!");

Be cageful! Type the above code exactly as it is. I am very strict with my language. I am case sensitive. class,Class means different things to me!

Finished typing? All right! Save it as a file named .java is my family name( those computer guru calls it extension name. Well, what ever...) You may ask could I save it as NO!! you have to save it as hello is the file's first name and it is the class's name too( see the first line in the code). The file's first name MUST match its class name. MUST!

Second Step: compile ( I assume you installed JDK5.0. Please see Appendix for detail installation. If you are a parent, do it for your kids. If you are a kid, take an adventure and install it by yourself. It is very easy to install.) Now, open a command prompt. (Start->All programs->Accessories->Command prompt).

Type: javac

If JDK was installed in a right way, you won't see any error.

Third Step: run hello program. Still in that command prompt,

type: java hello

You should see: Hello! It is me, JAVA boy!

Congratulations! You are speaking JAVA!



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