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  A lot of kids went to learn dancing, playing baseball, playing piano when they were only 4 or 5 year old. These may help improve their motor skill. Learn JAVA programming can enhance kids logic thinking skill. If you are a parent, you are encouraged to take this course with your kids and have fun together.

  This JAVA tutorial is specially designed for kids. The course material should be understandable to kids 5th grader and up. It will help kids master basic concepts in JAVA world.

Maybe some kids want to be doctors or nurses in the future. Maybe some want to be software engineers to develop their own game. Maybe some want to be polices. Or some want to be banker dealing with different credit cards. Look around yourself, all jobs are related to computer in a sort of way. So mastering one kind of computer programming language will benefit you in any possible way.

Why learn JAVA?

  • JAVA is easy to learn.
  • Once you master JAVA, it is trivial to learn other languages: such as c/c++, C#, etc.
  • JAVA is a popular computer programming language in real world. It is used in a variety of fields, from science to game design. In short, it could develop any application you see.
  • JAVA compiler is free, downloadable from
  • JAVA is platform-independent, once compiled run on every operation system, MAC, unix, Windows.

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