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What is variant?

A Variant is the only variable type provided in the VBScript scripting engine for ASP. Although variants don't have most efficeint use of memory and require extra processing compared to the more usual base data types such as Integer, variants do have their own advantages: Variants automacally handle implicit type conversion, which permit to ignore the difference among base data types. For example, we can use a variant storing String as an Integer as needed.

Example 1: using typename to return a variant subtype

<title>Using TypeName</title>
Dim dblPi,whatisPi,datToday, whatisDate,strText,whatisText


strText="Hello World"

Dim emp
<P><b>dblPi returns <%=whatIsPi%></p>
<p>datToday returns <%=whatIsDate%></p>
<p>strText returns <%=whatIsText%></p>
<p> emp return <%=emptyVar%></b></p>

How is works:
Alghough each variable is defined by default as a variant, it assumes the subtype of the data that is stored in it. Hence when the code is executed it returns Double, Date, String and Empty. Rember vbscript is not case sensitive.

The above code return like :

dblPi returns Double

datToday returns Date

strText returns String

emp return Empty

Example 2: Converting varants from one subtype to another

It will often be the case that you will need to read in data as a string, then perform numerical operations on it. In order to do this, you will need bo convert the data from a string data type to a double. Using functions, Cint,CSng,Cstr we can convert between numeric and string datatypes.

<title> Converting Variants</title>
<% Dim strPi, dblPi,intPi,strPi2,whatisPi1,whatisPi2,whatisPi3,whatisPi4
<p><B>Pi is a <%=whatispi1%> and Pi returns <%=strpi%></b></P>
<p><B>Pi is a <%=whatispi2%> and Pi returns <%=dblPi%></b></P>
<p><B>Pi is a <%=whatispi3%> and Pi returns <%=intPi%></b></P>
<p><B>Pi is a <%=whatispi4%> and Pi returns <%=strPi2%></b></P>

How it works:

strPi is initially a string subtype. The statement:
dblPi=CSng(strpi) changesi ti to Single subtype and saves the result in dblPI.
Similarly for the other statement.

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