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Session Object

The web server automatically creates a Session object when a web page from the application is requested by a user who does not already have a session. The server destroys the session object when the session expires (timeout) or is abandoned.

You can use the Session object to store information needed for particular user-session. Variables stored in the Session object are not discarded when the user jumps between pages in the application; instead, these variables persist for the entire user-session.

One common use the session object is to store user preferences. For example, if a user indicates that they prefer not to view graphics, you could store that information in the Session object.

Note Session state is only maintained for browsers that support cookies.




Contents: Contains the items that your have added to the session with script commands
StaticObjects: Contains the objects created with the tag and given session scope.


CodePage: The codepage that will be used for symbol mapping. It is an integer, read/write. The codepage is the numeric value of the character set, and different languages and locales may use different code pages. For example, ANSI codepage 1252 is used for American English.

LCID: The locale identifier. The LCID is a standard international abbreviation that uniquely identifies the locale.

SessionID: returns the session identification for this users, which is generated by the server when the session is created.

Timeout: The timeout period for the session state for this application, in minutes.


Abandon: This method destroys a Session object and releases its resources.


Scripts for the following events are declared in the global.asa file.


You can store values in the Session object. Information stored in the Session object is available throughout the session and has session scope.

Example: Session variable
Saving the following code to SessionTest.asp, refresh the page couple of times. Each time you should see different output.

dim tAccessTime

if tAccessTime="" then
Response.Write("This is the first time this page has been accessed!")
Response.Write("This page was last accessed at " & tAccessTime )
end if
<% Session("LastAccessTime")=Now%>

Declaring Session Objects in global.asa

If you sore an object in the Session object and use VBScript as your primary scripting language, you must use the Set keyword. This is illustrated in the following script.

<% Set Session("Obj1") = Server. CreateObject("MyComponent.class1")%>

You can then call the methods and properties exposed by MyComponent.class1 on subsequent web pages, by using the following:

<% Session("Obj1").MyMethod%>
Or by extracting a local copy of the object and using the following.
Set MyLocalObj1 =Session("Obj1")

Storing Arrays in the Session Object

As with the Application Object, you should not set Array values directly in the Session object. The array should be copied to a local variable, assignment done and then the entire array copied back to the Session Object. Please referrer on "Storing arrays in the Application Object"

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