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How ASP works:

  • A client browser requests an ASP page from the server
  • The server passes the request to ASP.DLL which reads the global.asa file for further instructions
  • ASP includes any files specified by the scripts
  • The scripting engines process the asp scripts and send the feed back to ASP
  • ASP translates the feedback from the scripting engines into HTML code.
  • The interpreted contents are send to the browser as HTML data.

Execution order

ASP will execute the scripts in different order, depending on the language and syntax:
  1. global.asa
  2. server-side includes
  3. Javascript tagged with <script> tags
  4. HTML together with scripts tagged within <% %> delimiters
  5. VBscript tagged within <script> tags

Try the following examples. Although we write "one two three... ten" in order in code, but the script is executed in different order and those number displayed in a different way. Run the following example, you will have better feeling of execution orders.

Example: Order of execution

<title>testing the order of execution</title>

One <%="Two"%> Three
<script runat=server language =vbscript>
Response.Write "Four "
Five <%="Six"%> Seven
<Script runat=server language =vbscript>
Response.write "Eight "
Nine <%="Ten"%>

Example2: using jscript

This one displays number in a different order from the above VBscript example.

<title>testing the order of execution</title>

One <%="Two "%> Three
<script runat=server language=vbscript>
Response.Write "Four "
Five <%="Six"%> Seven
<script runat=server language=jscript>
document.write("Eight ");
Nine <%=" Ten"%>

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