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The Ad Rotator Component

The Ad Rotator displays a different graphic/url each time a visitor accesses a page. The graphic is usually a .jpg or .gif. The rotator utilizes a schedule file to set up it's environment.

The schedule file includes the names of each of the image files,, the sizes they are to be displayed at, and the relative percentage of times each one should be displayed. The file is divided into two parts, which are separated by a line containing only an asterisk *

The format of Schedule File:

WIDTH width
HEIGhT height
BORDER border

URL is the virtual path and name of the program or ASP file that implements the redirection.
width and height define the size of the advertisement on the page in pixels. The default is 440*60
border specifies the width of the border around the advertisement in pixels. The default is 1. Use 0 for no border.

The first section is optional, and sets the default values that apply to all the advertisements in the schedule. If we omit one or more of these optional parameters, it will use its own default values.But the asterisk * could not be omitted.

The second part-after the asterisk--may not be omitted. The following parameters are required :

adURL is the virtual path and filename of the advertisement image file

adHomeURL is the URL to jump to for this advertisement. A hyphen(-) indicates there is no link for this advertisement.

text is the text for display if the browser doesn't support graphics.

impressions is an integer indicating thee relative display time for this advertisement.

The following is an example of schedule file:

border 4
height 50
width 400


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Ad Rotator Properties


Border: Integer. The thickness of the border around the advertisement in pixels. If not set, the value in first section of the schedule file is used.
Clickable: boolean, Specifies whether the advertisement image should be displayed as a hyperlink. The default is true.

TargetFrame: String. The name of the frame in which to display the advertisers page is the user clicks the image. If omitted, the pages is loaded into the current browser window. Or this value could be set to one of the followings: _top, _new,_child,_self,_parent, or _blank.

Ad Rotator Method

GetAdvertisement(schedule_file): Uses the information in the specified schedule_file to create and return a string containing the HTML HTML required for inserting the next appropriate image into the page.

Use Ad rotator example

Dim varAD, objAD
Set objAD=Server.CreateObject("MSWC.ADRotator")
Response.Write varAD

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